Carlos Zambrano was in the news in the Argentine press

Carlos Zambrano was in the news in the Argentine press for his sacking against Universitario

The Peruvian defender saw the reds on his debut with Alianza Lima minutes after the end of the game. His sacking resonated in Argentina, where he played for Boca Juniors. what did they say

Alliance of Lima He stayed with the Peruvian classic after beating Universitario 2-1 at the Monumental Stadium. Guillermo Salas’ side showed a great game, although they had some difficult moments, especially in the latter part of the game when they sent off defender Carlos Zambrano, who made his debut in the blue and white shirt.

When it looked like ‘León’ was leading the game very well, in the 95′ minute he committed a hard foul on Piero Quispe. The referee didn’t hesitate to show him the red card and sent him to the showers. The expulsion of Carlo Zambrano He had reactions from the Peruvian press but also from Argentina who still remember his time at Boca Juniors.

“Zambrano: debut, red card and provocation” was the headline Ole newspaper, which was accompanied by the image of the Peruvian defender seeing the red card. Said sports outlet not only shared the moment of being kicked out, but also the controversial gesture he made as he walked into the dressing room.

Check out Carlos Zambrano’s sacking

“Although the footballer accepted the sanction until he shook hands with the referee while leaving the field of Monumental Stadium, the defender made provocative gestures to the opposing fans: with his right hand he showed the U on his head, which increased the insults against him“, reads the publication of the newspaper Olé.

Clarín on the expulsion of Carlos Zambrano

Another Argentine newspaper that spoke about Carlos Zambrano’s debut and sacking was the newspaper El Clarín, which asserted that the red card shown was due to the “curse of Boca Juniors”.

How was the University vs. Lima Alliance?

university could not at home and lost 2-1 against Alliance of Lima at Monument Stadium. The blue-white goals came from Pablo Sabbag and Gabriel Costa, while Luis Urruti devalued for the creams.