Carlos Cáceda, the hero of Melgar: relive the 3 saves to qualify for the “semifinals”

Carlos Cáceda, the hero of Melgar: relive the 3 saves to qualify for the “semifinals”

There is no doubt that the hero of FBC Melgar is the qualification for the Copa Sudamericana semifinals Carlos Caceda. The red and black goalkeeper of the Peru national team not only kept his goal clean in the 90 minutes, but also saved 3 shots in the penalty shootout.

Thanks to the goalkeeper’s great performance in defining the twelve steps, his teammates were able to define calmly. In this way, Kenji Cabrera, Bernardo Cuesta and finally Luis Iberico brought joy to Arequipa and the whole country with the classification.


In the decisive penalty shoot-out, Carlos Cáceda surprised everyone by stopping Edenilson’s shot. The international soccer player kicked the left hand of the red and black goalkeeper who managed to guess this action.

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The second player to miss his shot was Taison. The second-half newcomer couldn’t beat Carlos Cáceda, who sent the ball out of his goal with a hand change.

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Eventually, De Pena would miss his shot thanks to a great save from Carlos Cáceda, who turned to flip to his left.

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Melgar’s closest rival in the Copa Sudamericana

The first leg between Melgar vs. Independiente del Valle will be played between August 30th and September 1st, while the second leg will be played between September 6th and 8th.

Pedro Gallese, “in love” with Cáceda

The goalkeeper and captain of the Peru team, Pedro Gallese, responded to saves by Carlos Cáceda that earned him the pass to the 2022 South American Cup semi-finals.

Reaction from Pedro Gallese. Photo: Twitter