Carlos Bonavides asks for help for Andrés García and proposes taking him to the Actors’ House: VIDEO

Carlos Bonavides asks for help for Andrés García and proposes taking him to the Actors’ House: VIDEO

The Actors Guild in Mexico has gone through various situations over the decades. In this sense, there is currently a fight over the definition of the responsible body Support for actors of advanced age or in a precarious situation, be it financial or health.

Faced with this, one of these actors did not hesitate to raise his voice and hand in support of another Partner was Carlos Bonavideswho expressed his concern about the The health of Andres Garciawhom he described in a recent interview as a member of his guild who needs help and cannot be left alone now that he is very ill.

Benavides was aware of what García is communicating through his Interviews and YouTube channel, so he suggested it was him offer space in the actor’s house or, if you do not accept this as an option, provide you with other medical support to improve your health.

Carlos Bonavides defends Andrés García

The actor recalled that García is currently in distress and needs help, which he joins so that other actors can support them.

“I think we should form a group in ANDA and help him because he is the last gallante of television and cinema. What I want to do is see how I help Andrés García, I’ll go to some friends or I don’t know if Ortiz de Pinedo can do it, but you see that (Andrés García) is half stupid, but it would be better if he was at the actor’s house, he would be better served,” he suggested.

He understands because he’s been through the same thing

Of course we can all make mistakes and fall down due to a health problem or an addiction, Carlos Bonavides supported his intention, recalling that he also made bad decisions and got help from his union.

“We are a union that we have to help each other and even more so the one who is recovering and Andrés García is alone because he ran away from the couple who helped him. We can’t him mainly because of his age criticizing because everyone waters it, I’ve watered it for years, decades, and they’ve helped me, so how can I not help,” he said.

In conclusion, he continued his appeal, urging media personalities not only to report the news, but to join and support Andrés García.

“I want my call to reach the Hoy or Maxime Woodside program. I don’t think I need money but I need a different kind of attention, put a nurse on it. There has to be a way, God blesses me with work and we can’t be indifferent and no longer bring the message, we have to do something like it was done by the Actor House, now is the time or what are the friends for,” he concluded.