Carlos Alberto revealed Silvio Santos secret quotHe did not wantquot

Carlos Alberto revealed Silvio Santos’ secret: "He did not want" Focus TV

Carlos Alberto reveals Silvio Santos’ secret: ‘He didn’t want to’

the comedian Carlos Alberto de Nobregaduring an interview withBeautiful Sunday‘Revealed a farce and the biggest secret of Silvio Santosthat he didn’t want people to know about.

The commander of “Praça é Nossa” said that at the beginning of his career, the businessman did not want his audience to know that he was rich, he even asked him to drive his car to camouflage it.

“I didn’t want people to know that he was rich,” Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega revealed to the show.

Then the presenter said that he had not spoken to Silvio Santos for almost 11 years because he thought that at the time he would benefit from the program “Baú da Felicidade”.

“We had a fight because at first he was blinded by his extraordinary success, the money he was making, the power,” he began.

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In the sequence, he revealed that he was going through a difficult moment in his life, the opposite of what happened with the owner of SBT, and lost his mind because of it.

“I had lost my father and mother to cancer, an only child aged 40. I was totally out of whack and I was a broken guy. And I fought with him,” revealed Carlos Alberto.

Carlos Alberto (Reproduction: SBT)Carlos Alberto received a beautiful tribute for the 50th anniversary of the program (Reproduction: SBT)

Honor for 50 years

Carlos Alberto de Nóbrega went to Domingo Legal to celebrate the 50th anniversary of A Praça É Nossa, a hugely successful program on SBT that he presented.

“It was the only time he left and most important of all, that tribute he paid me, everything he promised he still does to this day. I’ve never felt employed in this house,” he said.

During the attraction, he received several honors, including the memory of Silvio Santos’ participation in the famous bench, and he found artists he had not seen in years.

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