1674958406 Carlo Conti ready to leave Rai quotWhere can it goquot

Carlo Conti ready to leave Rai? "Where can it go"

Carlo Conti ready to leave Rai quotWhere can it goquot

Karl Konti would you be willing to leave rai? According to the indiscretion of the weekly newspaper Nuovo Tv, there has been less and less space for him in recent years. During amadeus Thanks to the enormous success of his Sanremo Festivals, he became the undisputed king of the network. This is where Mediaset would come into play, which Conti has apparently been courting for years, as the magazine reported.

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The same Pier Silvio Berlusconi, CEO of Mediaset, would never have hidden his appreciation for the conductor. According to a rumor circulating in the aisles of Viale Mazzini, Conti would be there “Check alternatives” to Rai. After a career full of shows on state television, including various Sanremo Festivals, Tale and which Show, Tali and which, The Best Years, it seems that the Tuscan conductor now wants to change scene and commit himself elsewhere.

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If the news were true, one might wonder what type of program they could offer it at Mediaset, where there are already two TV bigwigs like Paolo Bonolis and Gerry Scotti. We’ll have to wait for that though. For now, however, these are just rumors. Nothing safe, no official statement from those directly involved.

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