Carlo and Camilla, the sweet transgressions they indulge in each day

Carlo and Camilla, the sweet transgressions they indulge in each day

Prince Harry’s new book also reveals little oddities about King Charles and his wife Camilla. In fact, some of Spare’s stories allow us to reconstruct the royal couple’s routine, which loves to spend “sweet” moments every day. The Duke of Sussex also revealed the details of his father’s eating habits and sport.

As the Mirror reports, we read about it on the Spare pages King Charles III does it every day perpendicular to one brings. Indeed, the sovereign executes them in the morning exercises prescribed by him physiotherapist to relieve “his constant neck and back pain” stemming from gaming polo shirt. However, this would only be the first of many actions that make up the everyday life of the English monarch.

Charles and Camillahandle

Even his former press secretary has shared more anecdotes about his habits. Often the tabloids and various sources have described Charles III as a man of habit and capriciousness. The insider, on the other hand, wanted to share some details that describe him as sticking to his own routine, but in moderation. Here are the unmissable moments of his day.

Charles and Camilla: the habits of the royal couple

The everyday life of Carlo and Camilla has greatly stimulated the imagination over the years. A famous anecdote is the one about the breakfast King’s. Jeremy Paxman wrote in his 2006 book On Royalty, “Because his staff were never quite sure that the egg would be exactly one hardness satisfactorily, he arranged a row of numbered eggs in a row”. However, in the details first released by the Mirror, the King’s former aide-de-camp Julian Payne denied the rumour King Charles He has one for breakfast line of soft-boiled eggs choose from. According to the insider, who worked as communications director for the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall from 2016 to 2021, he has never seen “a single boiled egg for breakfast” in all those years. Instead, he explained that King’s Day begins with listening news on the radio before breakfast fruit and seed. The employee of carol and Camilla he added the king never eats and that’s why his staff make sure he has one Rich breakfast and from the snacks always with you.

Carlo and Camilla's routinehandle

He usually spends the whole day at work. at 13 hectares a Break the Not Used Per mealbut to make a long walk. The actual break is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. Back then, every day carol takes time to take that she with the woman Camilla. This appears to be a ritual performed by the couple from nearly 20 years. In fact, after a hectic day, the king loves to enjoy his “sweet transgression” by sipping his tea and eating a piece of fruit cake. at 8.30 p.m o’clock it will be served dinner, but the day is far from over for Carlo. He usually returns to his desk after dinner and often works into the early hours of the morning.