Carey Price makes people happy in the Granby area

Carey Price makes people happy in the Granby area

Carey Price will likely never set foot on NHL ice again. His public appearances are a bit less frequent, although we caught it during the PK Subban tribute last week.

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For this reason, the young players of the Titans U12 from the École du Verbe Divin in Granby did not expect to meet him during an activity organized by the team last Sunday.

However, that was the surprise when they showed up at an outdoor ice rink in the area. Accompanied by his family, the Canadian goalkeeper waited for coach Francis Brunelle’s team.

“Actually, we had warned the parents, but the young people didn’t know,” Brunelle said, adding that the invitation was made possible thanks to a couple of mutual friends. Carey snuck back into the garage where the youngsters were getting ready. He had already tied his daughters’ skates for two or three minutes when the young people noticed that he was there.

“You had to see their faces when they saw his presence. The young people were surprised and speechless, he added. It’s not every day we get the chance to meet an NHL goaltender who shaped a generation. »

It might also be added that not all 11-year-old goalkeepers have the opportunity to take advice from the most successful masked man in Canada’s history.

“They were embarrassed and don’t speak much English, but they ended up getting along well between the goalkeepers,” laughed Mr Brunelle.

Generous with his time, Price spent four hours with the young Titans. He multiplied the selfies and autographs.

“He signed everything and took the time to do it. I’ve never seen a patient guy like him. That says a lot about who he is,” said the coach.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he agreed to have lunch with them. Pizza and fries have probably never tasted so good.