Cardiologist Gina Lollobrigida: «He told me "my son doesn’t have to have anything.  i sell everything"»    Courier Rome

Cardiologist Gina Lollobrigida: «He told me "my son doesn’t have to have anything. i sell everything"» Courier Rome

by Maria Rosa Pavia

In the trial in which the factotum Piazzolla is accused, the doctor Francesco Ruggiero recalls the diva’s intimacy: “She had no appreciation for her son and grandson”. The mother of the former assistant: «Transfer of 271 thousand euros? A gift”

A hurt and vengeful mother Gina Lollobrigida. This is the portrait of the diva, who died on January 16 at the age of 95, according to the statements of her cardiologist. The doctor Francesco Ruggiero – in the testimonies in the courtroom in Rome in process who sees ex-factotum Andrea Piazzolla, accused of circumventing incompetence – has in fact stated: «At the end of the visits, Gina Lollobrigida said to me more than once: “I want to sell everything my son don’t have to have anything”.

In the trial in which Piazzolla is accused stolen goods from the actress’ fortune between 2013 and 2018, the cardiologist added: “They were confidences that he gave me when I had finished my visits and on several occasions he referred to the fact that the son Andrew Milko Skofic (civilian party in the process) was far away and not there to take care of her.

Knowledge from the specialist Roger and the Lollobrigida dates from about ten years ago, when Piazzolla took it with him after a visit to his studio illness. The report doctor-patient it took a long time: «Since then I have continued to assist her once every 15 days and have been informed daily about her state of health. She later had a couple of heart failures and was hospitalized in 2017.

And about them report between Lollo and the accused, the doctor explained: «It was always Piazzolla who accompanied her, her son and grandson came later to see her, but she did not want to and often announce her state of health I had to mediate me with them”. The cardiologist had become over the years a friend so much so for the artist that he became a regular guest at birthday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations at the villa on the Appia Antica della Lollobrigida.

The white coat lowers the knife and remembers i family disputes about the late actress: “I remember that she didn’t appreciate her son and nephew, and she even expressed it to me on several occasions in a colorful way. With Piazzolla she had a cooperative relationship, also an emotional one, for her it was like one nephew-in-law». And about them mental abilities About the artist he stated: «The “Bersagliera” was stubborn, but she was quite capable of understanding and wanting»

Likewise Concetta Fivedefendant’s mother Andrew Piazzolla and assisting witness while being investigated in a related money laundering case, spoke at the trial. Cinque spoke about the relationship that linked his son to the international diva: “Andrea he fell in love to Signora Lollobrigida. During those years he never went on vacation, he was always with her, even at Christmas and Easter, because he told us that she was alone.” The woman, in the courtroom, traces the phases of the acquaintance between the two: ” They have met 2011Andrea replaced the character of granny which he recently lost to Signora Lollobrigida. She was smitten with his composure and manners and took a liking to him.”

Concetta Five confirms that he is from Lollobrigida a transfer from 271,000 euros in the account held jointly with the husband. A present, he says: «He wanted to give Andrea, who didn’t have a checking account, a present and asked us if he could credit the amount to our account. My son told me that the lady gave him the money so we could pay off the mortgage and get her brother Luca to study. I called her to thank her and she said I’m the one who has to thank Andrea for thatlove and theaffection that gives me”.

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