Cardinal Becciu Caught by the Hyenas, the Money Lawsuit and the Stolen Recording at the Pope: ‘Now He Loves Me… After Benedict’s Death We Must Love Him’

Cardinal Becciu Caught by the Hyenas, the Money Lawsuit and the Stolen Recording at the Pope: ‘Now He Loves Me… After Benedict’s Death We Must Love Him’

On the allegations of having enriched himself with his family with funds from the Secretariat of State of the Vatican, Cardinal Angelo Becciu tried tonight, on 17 on Italy1 . But it is on the relationship with Pope Francis that the cardinal appears to be struggling most while trying to ensure this, following the controversial recording of the phone conversation with the pope Bergoglio now there is a special bond. «It’s wrong – says Becciu to the hyenas – I never used the money for my family, on the contrary. And then if you want, go there and question the bishop and he’ll tell you how that money is being used and being used… in a house that they need to build for charity, but not for family members. In fact, I borrowed my own money and left half of it with them. I’ve earned a hundred thousand for the work they do for expatriates, for the unemployed, for girls with social problems. So it’s wrong.” Instead, Becciu becomes icy when questions about the case of Cecilia Marogna, who is also charged in the trial, move to allegations of money for her payment from a hostage for the release of a Colombian nun: «I have already dealt with this during the trial and it is a very sensitive issue. And I don’t want to touch that at all. There is a secret matter there and it should not have been touched upon at all.’

The father’s relationship with the Pope

Regarding the story of the recorded telephone conversation with the Pope, Becciu reiterates that he has already explained everything to the Pope: “He understood me and everything ends there”. Of course, there’s this line where he says, “The Pope wants me dead,” which emerged from family chats that the cardinal has his own version of complex about interpretation: «No, I tell you that, for us there is a test, it is always a death. But to be able to rise again. In the end, the Pope loves me. We have a special relationship. From time to time I walk, we talk and… with the death of Pope Benedict. Well now we have a pope and that is the pope of the church and we have to love that pope, we can’t dream of a pope of the future or regret who was there before. To say that the relationship with the Pope is beautiful». Becciu is then asked if he ever thought he’d lost it entirely to trust of the Pope: «Well, it is clear. It is not easy to tell the Pope that these allegations have been made against you. But I took it like a son who does not feel understood by his father and is sent away from home, but does not lose hope that sooner or later his father will understand that there have been false accusations and that he will understand him will hug again.

The Perlasca case

Eventually, Becciu returns to deny the audio from Monsignor Perlasca: «There is no truth», on the hypothesis that Perlasca was used. And then he adds: “Well, he said it, he admitted it”. As for the role of the former member of the Cosea Commission, Frances Immaculate Chaouqui, concludes Becciu: «A painful point is touched. I’ve just come from church, I went to confession there. We must always have a merciful heart, me, this lady, I feel sorry for her. Grace”.

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