Cara Delevingne surprises at Paris Fashion Week This is what

Cara Delevingne surprises at Paris Fashion Week: This is what the supermodel looks like now

Cara Delevingne has reappeared Paris fashion week on the occasion of the launch of his capsule collection Cara Loves Karl for the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeldamong whose many credits is discovering the British model and making her Chanel’s muse.

The model looked like a different person from the disheveled young woman who was photographed by paparazzi at a Los Angeles airport earlier this month. She was seen walking erratically after reportedly boarding a private plane owned by Jay Z. In Paris, Delevingne Returning to her usual elegant nonchalance, she posed in a black blazer dress with a plunging neckline, thigh-high black boots and striking scarlet lipstick.

Similarities to what happened to his mother

The model’s fall in recent months is very similar to what her mother experienced several decades ago. pandora delevingneThe now 63-year-old was and was addicted to heroin Diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The actress has also declined to open up about the rumors surrounding her, although more sources have come out assuring that she has an addiction problem and that she could be following in her mother’s footsteps. “A family friend who is a doctor told me they plan to organize an intervention,” a source told The Post. “Everyone knows that her mother was also a drug addict for years. Your mother is really lucky to be alive. Cara has spent her entire life exercising with drugs. She comes from a very troubled family.”