Cara Delevingne Shows Off New Tattoo But Fans Point Out

Cara Delevingne Shows Off New Tattoo, But Fans Point Out Mistake: ‘You Spelled It Wrong’; Checkout!

Cara Delevingne, 26, debuted her new tattoo this Tuesday, but fans are sure they spotted a flaw in the design. The British supermodel posed topless to show off body art that includes the definition of the Italian word “dormiveglia.” However, the result appeared to contain a spelling error.

The work of tattoo artist Matteo Nangeroni brought the term together with its dictionary meaning: “The space that extends between sleeping and walking” (in English). However, followers pointed out that the correct definition would be “waking” and not “walking” as written by Cara. In your opinion the correct expression would be: “The space that extends between sleeping and waking”.

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In the comments, several profiles pointed out the supposed typo. “Was it a decision to change ‘awake’ to ‘walking,'” one user asked. “Also, it should be ‘between sleeping and waking.’ Why does it say “walk”?” asked another. A third even said: “No! You spelled it wrong! It should be “wake up” and not “go away.”

(Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

In addition to the exchange, many also criticized the artist for not wearing clothing to display art on her arm. After the negative impact, both the designer and Cara spoke out. Regarding the “misinterpreted” definition of the term, Nangeroni denied the allegations and said it was all part of the supermodel’s “vision.” “Maybe we decided to do that?” suggested the tattoo artist in Stories.

(Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

When it comes to topless, Delevingne explained why she preferred to shoot naked. “Just to make it clear to everyone! I decided to take off my bra since the photo showing my bra didn’t look good. I’m a perfectionist, especially when it comes to photography, and I tried to help create something beautiful. Please calm down everyone,” demanded the model.

(Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Cara told Vogue magazine in March that she got her first tattoo, a lion on her finger, as a symbol of her rebellion as a teenager. “Back then you couldn’t get tattoos because it was part of your modeling contract and you kind of owned your body,” he pointed out. However, she hinted that she wanted to remove some of her tattoos as part of a “fresh start” that includes giving up alcohol.