Car thief asks victims to ‘donate’ bitcoin to stop stealing

Car thief asks victims to ‘donate’ bitcoin to stop stealing

A thief in San Francisco, USA, gained notoriety because he did something else: In order not to steal the car in question, he stuck a brochure on the model and asked the vehicle’s owner to give him money. According to the paper, the vehicle will be taken if the owner does not cooperate.

The reason behind the thief’s theft and alleged blackmail attempt is that he needs to pay his bills somehow.

“I don’t want to steal anymore! But I still have bills to pay. Can you please help me?” the thief says in the brochure, implying that he’s been stealing vehicles lately. It even offers multiple payment options including Bitcoin and PayPal.

According to a local newspaper, some victims have already paid the thief. PayPal would have confirmed that the account mentioned in the flyer existed, but the company also warned that any illegal activity would result in a ban.

Even a payment via Bitcoin would be impossible to find out who is behind the scam. The police are investigating the case.

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