Captured Alejandro Tenescalco, one of the great fugitives of the Ayotzinapa case

Captured Alejandro Tenescalco, one of the great fugitives of the Ayotzinapa case

Alejandro Tenescalco at the handover to the Mexican authorities at the border between Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua) and El Paso (Texas) this Wednesday.Alejandro Tenescalco at the surrender to the Mexican authorities at the Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua)-El Paso (Texas) border, this Wednesday.RR SS

The United States authorities this Wednesday handed Mexico over to Alejandro Tenescalco, chief of the Iguala Police Department, during the September 2014 attack on the normalist students of Ayotzinapa in the community. The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) accuses Tenescalco of kidnapping and organized crime in the Ayotzinapa case. The ex-cop has been on the hunt and capture for nearly nine years. The government offered ten million pesos, a little over half a million dollars, for information on his whereabouts.

Among those who fled, Tenescalco was one of the most important pieces in the Ayotzinapa puzzle. Since 2015, the group of experts investigating the case on behalf of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the GIEI, points out the relevance of the agent responsible for the police operation in Iguala on the night of 26 in the morning of 27. 2014 explains Carlos Beristáin, a member GIEI: “Since our first report, we have insisted on his search and arrest. He’s someone’s key tonight.”

As reported by the National Institute for Migration (INM) in a statement, Tenescalco “was seized by border patrol on December 20, 2022, entering the territory of the United States irregularly. It was found today that he does not meet the requirements for being granted asylum in the neighboring country. To this day it is not known where the ex-policeman of those years is, why he just tried to cross the border or whether he was traveling with his documents.

The institute added, “Just before noon, elements of the United States Customs and Border Protection Office turned him over to INM federal agents for admittance into state territory and leave him in the care of the representation of the Attorney General of the Republic of for the fulfillment of a 2015.” arrest warrant issued by a judge”.

Tenescalco is one of the big questions in the Ayotzinapa case because of what he did on the night of the events and also because of what he was able to contribute to what other attackers were doing. It has also been speculated through all these years that the former agent was also El Caminante, a mysterious figure who was communicating with half a dozen Iguala police officers on the night of the attack.

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