Canada sends spare parts for its howitzers to Ukraine

Canada sends spare parts for its howitzers to Ukraine

The Trudeau government announced on Wednesday that it would supply replacement barrels for the four M777 howitzers it had already donated to Ukraine to fight Russian troops.

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The sending of 10 replacement barrels, worth about $9 million, will help maintain the accuracy and range of the M777, towed light artillery pieces capable of firing 155mm projectiles at a range of 30km.

Recall that Canada had previously announced that it would send four M777s, as well as the purchase of 20,000 shells from the United States, for delivery to Ukraine.

“We will continue to work day and night to provide Ukraine with the comprehensive military assistance it needs to defend its sovereignty and security,” National Defense Minister Anita Amand pledged after the announcement.

This new tranche of aid comes the day after a phone call between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who then discussed a next tranche of military aid from Canada.

Ukraine is demanding more armaments from Western countries every day, particularly sophisticated artillery pieces, to counter the Russian invasion, which is currently focused on the Donbass region.