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Can you spot it in black and white? Today he is a star on Italian television MovieTele.it

Those who are more attentive will certainly have recognized this magnetic cat eyes, one of her trademarks and one that has made her one of the most admired TV stars of the last few decades. Staring straight into the photographer’s lens, this beautiful little girl already seems to know how to charm those who look at her, and she was to prove it a few years later. Do you understand who we’re talking about? Born in Rome in 1964, of Ukrainian descent, made her debut in the entertainment world thanks to her high school friend Vittoria Squitieri, daughter of director Pasquale and historical companion of Claudia Cardinale. The man entrusts her with the role of young Claretta Petacci in the 1984 film of the same name and wants her back in the TV series Naso di cane the following year. This allows her to take part in other productions, collaborating with Dario Argento and Lamberto Bava and in the theater with Enrico Montesano. Other films from this period include Carlo Verdone’s Compagni di scuola and, above all, Ricky Tognazzi’s Piccoli equivoci, for which he will win the prize both the Silver Ribbon and the David di Donatello. But for the general public, she remains the lucky charm in some very famous sisal commercials of the 1990s and most notably one of the interpreters of the hugely successful fiction The beauty of women. In addition, she has acted in numerous well-known films and cinepanettoni in recent years, without neglecting her great passion for the theater, which she cultivates hand in hand and which she still pursues to this day.

Yesterday a delicate child, today one of the most famous Italian TV stars

When you think of a cloud of curly blonde hair and a near-perfect, gorgeous face, that’s all you can think of Nancy BrilliStage name of Nicoletta Brilli, truly a versatile and talented actress 90s and 2000s sex symbol, then the protagonist of some of the most famous TV products, such as Il bello delle donne alongside Stefania Sandrelli and Giuliana De Sio or Caterina and her daughters 2 with Virna Lisi. The cover picture immortalizes her very small, but already with the elongated and cheerful eyes that would characterize her throughout her long and successful career.

Nancy BrilliNancy Brilli

A woman of great charm, it is no wonder that over the years she has stolen the hearts of very famous men on the crest of the wave, such as first husband Massimo Ghinimet on the set of the drama Two Brothers directed by Alberto Lattuada, with whom she was linked from 1987 to 1990. The second to fall at her feet was the director and screenwriter Son of Nino Manfredi Lucawith whom she married in 1997 and then separated in 2002 and with whom she had a son.

Nancy BrilliNancy Brilli

This second relationship also ended, Nancy accompanied her for a long time, 15 years, to the plastic surgeon of the stars Roy DeVitaalthough she’s been struggling with some serious health issues lately, such as discovering that she has endometriosis and ovarian cancer, which required her to go under the knife and have surgery.

He has a presence on social media and has a Instagram profile which he regularly updates and in which he shares his professional and personal commitments with his 200,000 followers, often also posting memories of his past work and willingly interacting with fans and replying to their numerous messages.