Can Yaman returns home to Turkey: he will shoot “El Turco” for Disney +    Libero Magazine

Can Yaman returns home to Turkey: he will shoot “El Turco” for Disney + Libero Magazine

After the Italian experience, the actor returned to his homeland and will be the protagonist of a new series about the Ottoman Empire for the platform

Can Yaman

Source: IPA

Can Yaman back home to Turkey. The actor will indeed be the testimonial and the main face for the arrival of Disney+ in his country. In fact, since June 14, the platform is also available in Turkey and Can Yaman has returned home to launch the promotion as well as to create a new series.

Can Yaman for Disney+

A very popular face at home, Can Yaman has been one of the most followed characters in Italy in recent years with a very loyal fan base. Not only has Can taken many pages with pink messages for his relationship with his ex, Diletta Leotta, but he has actually become one of the symbols of the phenomenon dizi, the Turkish TV series popular worldwide today. After seeing him in Bitter sweet by Italian audiences, Yaman will also find him in a local production arriving on Canale 5 in autumn 2022: Purple like the seain the role of Inspector Francesco Demir.

After filming in Palermo, the actor has closed this Italian parenthesis to return to Turkey, where he will be one of the leading faces for the launch of Disney + in the country from June 14th. The first Turkish original series on the platform will be Escape with Engin Akyürek, previously starring in Kara Para Aşk (“Black Money Love” on Netflix Italy), while Can Yaman will be filming this summer ElTurcoexpected to be available on the platform towards the end of the year.

The new El Turco series

Can Yaman will play the role of the “El Turco” protagonist of Orhan Yeniaras’ novel of the same name, set in the late 17th century during the siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire. After El Turco had survived the Austrian counter-offensive, El Turco is said to have taken refuge there moena, where he bonded with the locals and, impressed by so much solidarity, decided to move to this small town. This historical fact is still relevant today celebrated in Turkey, in August.

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