Can Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni do it with their stomachs?

Can Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni do it with their stomachs?

Can Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni do it with their stomachs?

Chiara Nasti received a romantic marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Lazio footballer Mattia Zaccagni. Soon, the two will be first-time parents, and some societal clues suggest the nuptials may happen very soon. Will there be a wedding with a baby bump? Chiara Nasti revealed that…

when they get married Chiara Nasti and Mattia Zaccagni? After the many controversy what the involved Few, From the baby shower at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, to the influencer’s social hacks against pregnant women who “sneak away” and ex-boyfriend Nicolò Zaniolo, who is accused of using a “shrimp” as a reproductive organ, things are finally going a bit like that Serenity came for her.

Waiting for birth her firstborn, Mattia Zaccagni he asked Chiara Nasti out marry him and obviously the influencer could only say yes to the man who gave her the joy of motherhood. But when is the wedding? “My husband very soon“, he wrote Chiara Nasti show the engagement ring and make think of a marriage imminent…

Chiara Nasti: The revelation of the wedding

Chiara Nasti

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Chiara Nasti answered some questions from his followers. Before those who accused her of speeding things up a bit too much, first with that pregnancy Arrived after a little less than a year of relationship and now at the marriage:

We love each other and we want that. There are couples who after 10 years they marry and then they break up the next month and couples that make it fast and last forever. I think it’s a matter of choice. He had many alternatives and could choose others, just like me… We decided to build ours family on the best.

The urge to marry it brings them to a marriage with the baby bump? Chiara Nasti, Without revealing the date, he gave a first hint about the wedding, which will not take place before the birth:

Certainly Marry with a baby bump It’s beautiful, but we want our baby that day. And now I would feel too uncomfortable because I already feel my stomach too fat. And I wouldn’t really enjoy those days. After birth!