1695896665 Can birds attack people like in Hitchcocks film

Can birds attack people like in Hitchcock’s film?

Can birds attack people like in Hitchcocks film

On another occasion we discussed premonition and synchronicity as scientific categories. Today we must do it from experience, with the tone that a traumatic issue like the coronavirus pandemic deserves.

It all started at the beginning of 2020; The beach where I live has been full of dead seagulls for days. Not one or two seagulls, but more than necessary; enough to worry about. One of these mornings, as I was driving towards the beach on one of the downhill stretches, the seagulls were swarming around the cars. And they flew so low that the drivers had to stop before the wings flapped, because the seagulls got stuck in front of the windows and began to screech as if they wanted to communicate with the occupants of the vehicles.

I confess that I was afraid that the first thing that came to mind was Hitchcock’s film The Birds, because years ago I had known the violence of seagulls that seemed so peaceful. The event occurred one spring afternoon as I was approaching Sancti Petri Castle in a canoe and the seagulls went crazy and swooped down on my canoe, which capsized and left me in the middle of the sea, dominated by paralyzing panic. I didn’t really know what was going on. A fishing boat came to my aid and one of the fishermen told me that the seagulls had attacked me because they were defending their chicks. The eggs had recently hatched in the castle of Sancti Petri and the seagulls were marking their territory. In case my intentions weren’t good.

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Now let’s move on to the story that brought me here, the story of the seagulls around the cars, because as I walked down the path to the beach that day I repeated the fear; I knew the blow of the seagull’s beak on my own flesh. Knowing what they were capable of, I decided to take a shortcut and get out of there as quickly as possible. And it is now, when the coronavirus seems to have lost its intensity, that I tell these things that have so much to do with Jung’s study of the unconscious and its relationship to premonitions in the form of warnings from nature itself.

Because Jung has a case in which birds and omens are the protagonists. It is a true story, although it seems to be shrouded in an evil omen of birds when a flock of birds appeared on the roof of a house. Her owner interpreted it as a warning because when her grandmother died, the birds gathered around the coffin, just as they had when her mother died years later. So when the flock of birds began to flutter around the roof of her house, the woman knew something had happened. That’s how it went.

Her husband had just suffered a heart attack on the street. These are not coincidences that chance brings, but warnings that man must know how to interpret before it is too late, before the bird of bad omen stops flying over our heads due to economic advantages.

Now that time has passed, I dare to interpret the excitement of the seagulls around the cars that morning. Without a doubt, it was a warning of what was to come.

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