Campaign to vote no to referendum gains strength in Ecuador

Campaign to vote no to referendum gains strength in Ecuador

The National Union of Educators (UNE), the General Union of Workers of Ecuador, the Socialist Party, the Popular Unity Movement and the Somos Agua collective spoke out against the issues that will be put to the vote on February 5th.

UNE President Isabel Vargas reiterated that it was a cunning consultation that would not solve the country’s structural problems and believed that to fight crime or drug trafficking, as the executive intends, investment in public and quality education should be provided.

In a symbolic act in front of the Carondelet Palace, the seat of government, former presidential candidate Yaku Pérez, now chairman of the Somos Agua movement, called for a no in the referendum.

Lasso has no moral authority to fight corruption because he is implicated in scandals such as the Pandora Papers and the recent The Great Godfather case over an alleged bribery scheme in public companies, Pérez stressed.

The rejection of the referendum was also expressly expressed by the People’s Committee of November 15, which includes various left-wing organizations, the Pachakutik Party and the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador.

Likewise, the Association of University Students and Groups grouped in Ecuador says the NO campaign is against the procedure.

For them, the executive spends publicity to win votes in their favor and authorize a referendum intended to improve their image and amass more power by seizing state control functions such as the prosecutor’s office or regulators to ensure impunity to ensure.

On February 5, more than 13 million Ecuadorians are called to the polls not only to give their opinion on the referendum, but also to elect prefects and vice-prefects, mayors, city councilors and municipal councilors.