Camila Sodi wears a sequined bikini that is elegant and

Camila Sodi wears a sequined bikini that is elegant and reveals a flat stomach panorama

Camila Sodi gives us a cute and glamorous fashion lesson by wearing the most elegant black sequined bikini that we will wear on our next visit to the beach. So let her suggestion inspire you to wear it very soon. Remember that there are clothes that can give us a flat stomach.

When we thought full body swimsuits were the most flattering way to hide the lower tummy, the celebrity reminds us that there are beach outfits that can do a lot more than we imagine for our silhouette.

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Camila Sodi uses the swimsuit that gives a wasp waist

Via her Instagram account, the beautiful actress shared a photo in which she showed off a bikini covered in black sequins, a bet that invites us to wear clothes with lots of “bling bling” next time we go to the beach. We love how it looks!

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Camila Sodi wears the swimsuit that gives a wasp waist. Photo: IG

How do you choose a bikini like Camila Sodi wears?

The first thing you should know is that buying clothes in neutral colors like black, beige or gray is always an unfailing bet as they never go out of style. Our suggestion is that you buy structured clothing with appliques, glitter, rhinestones or sequins.