Camila Sodi Surprises By Revealing She’s ‘Married’ To Brad Pitt And Here’s The Proof

Camila Sodi Surprises By Revealing She’s ‘Married’ To Brad Pitt And Here’s The Proof

The former partner of Diego Mondthe mexican actress Camila Sody She has become one of the Hispanic entertainers to win the most hearts, a product of her beauty, which she occasionally boasts about on social media. At 36, the eldest of Thalía’s nieces, she left them all at her mercy. But apparently he has already chosen who to dedicate photos to.

Despite being one of the most sought-after in the industry right now, she portrayed Erika in Luis Miguel’s bioseries, a character inspired by Isabella Camil, who was one of the singer’s most important romances. Sodi took a few days to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Since her vacation, Camila Sodi has continued to be very active on social networks, where she already has almost three million followers from all over the world, whom she does not lose sight of. The actress uses her Instagram to share photos of her best looks, poses, travel and previews of her work.

Laura Zapata’s niece recently showed her fans how much fun and relaxed she is. Apart from posing with the latest swimsuits and showing off her worked silhouette, a product of her genetics, endurance in physical activity and good nutrition. Nevertheless, He also shared an odd confession with one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, none other than Brad Pitt.

Camila shared her social media stories with fellow actor Brad Pitt. Sharing a photo of the promotional poster for the movie Bullet Train with the acclaimed and well-loved actor, she wrote “My Husband” unfiltered, expressing immense admiration and love? that he has towards him.

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