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Camila Loures is "take the jump" and sparks rumors of a visit to BBB 23

Camila Loures’ followers caught the influencer jumping and discovered that she used an old photo in the stories of her Instagram profile this Monday (9). The YouTuber posted a breakfast image to ask if netizens were okay, but the click came on the final day 4, sparking rumors of a move to BBB 23.

An application that allows you to find out when the content published on social networks was actually created and is already being used to expose some celebrities who are trying to mislead the “disappearance” of the Internet, given the nonupdating of their profiles would leave a void for people imagine being locked in without a phone receiver.

Camila is one of the most popular influencers for Globo’s Camarote reality show, having participated in the selection process two years ago when she was eventually dropped from the program’s production. “I was called to the BBB, took the exam, did everything right in September [de 2020] and they have not denied me. They took me with them. October, November, December and I swore I would. Guys, I pushed the video, changed my hair,” she said last year.

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“[Foi] in january when they said they weren’t following me, that was more or less, i don’t know, on the 7th

The Minas Gerais girl also stressed that she was aware that this was part of the selection process: “I know it’s not their fault, it happens. [da produção] They only did the interview, they didn’t promise anything. But it’s something like that, I swear, because it’s not your fault, so you’re like, ‘What the hell did I do wrong? Why?’. After all, God knows everything.”

Camila Loures was involved in a controversy with the app driver

Montage of two photos of Camila Loures crying and talking to the camera

In May 2022, Camila Loures was embroiled in a controversy when she recorded some stories in which she cried and said she was thrown out of an app car. According to the Youtuber, she only asked the driver to close the windows.

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“He said, ‘I’ll stop and you order another car.’ And I said, ‘No, no, then it’s okay’. He said: ‘Now get out of my car and ask for another’. I was desperate, in the middle of an avenue in São Paulo. One saga begging for another,” he said, saying the vehicle’s driver claimed he was following antiCovid19 protocols.

Back then, the influencer was detonated on social media for exposing and even apologizing to the professional. “People are already creating other things and I came to clarify that. First, the driver has not been removed from the application. When my team and I searched for Uber, we made it very clear that that wasn’t the intent. It was an annoying situation that I had never lived. I wasn’t arrogant,” he argued.

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“I wasn’t arrogant at any time. Anyway I shouldn’t have embarrassed him. I’m sorry driver. I’m sorry for everyone who was offended by that. There weren’t even 10 minute stories. It was just an outburst”, he continued.

She even said that she learned a lesson from all of this: “I didn’t think it would be the scale it was. I’m really here and I’m telling you with an open heart. I learned a lot from this situation. Again, sorry to anyone who felt offended and let’s go, let’s go.”

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