Camila Alves wife of Matthew McConaughey reveals the hell her

Camila Alves, wife of Matthew McConaughey, reveals the hell her mother in law faced in her life

Madrid, Spain.

The designer Camila Alves, Wife of actor Matthew McConaugheyHe always showed discretion and rarely spoke spontaneously about his everyday life with the Hollywood star, with whom he has three children.

However, it seems so the Brazilian has radically changed its information policy over the course of its time Biscuits Jam Podcast.where he made some statements about it her mother-in-law which caused dissatisfaction among some listeners.

Mary Kathlene McCabebetter known as “Kay”, she has been described more than once, albeit by her famous son, as a strong woman, charismatic but endowed with a lot of genius.

However, Camila She wanted to go one step further and reveal how harshly she was treated by her when she started dating the American interpreter.

Kay He presented her with complicated challenges to ensure that her intentions were noble and thus gain her trust.

“When I came on stage he started doing all these things. He tested me, he really did. He called me by his ex-girlfriends’ names. Matthew. Or he would start talking to me in Spanish with a somewhat condescending tone. “He did everything to me,” said the famous artist’s wife.

During a trip to Istanbul, her problematic relationship with her mother-in-law changed radically. The model at the time had arranged a show in Turkey’s most populous city and wanted to take part in it Kay to fraternize with her and show her his affection.

“I remember during the plane ride he started telling me all these stories and putting things in my head. When we landed, I thought, ‘Okay, okay, I have to prepare for these situations,'” he recalled.

When they arrived at the hotel, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law got into an argument Camila He did not want to reveal the content, and at that moment the former catwalk star had to fall back on his strong character, which was characterized by his “Brazilian and Latin American side”.

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“I remember he started crying and I felt terrible at first. As I was putting her to bed, I looked at her and thought, “Oh my God, she’s telling me a lot of lies.” Then I lost my temper and brought out my Brazilian and Latin side. And I had it with her, I faced each other and we had a nice time in this tug of war. And at the end he said, “Okay, you’re in.” He just wanted to see me fight. And now we have a wonderful relationship, I respect her very much and she respects me. We always end our conversations with jokes and laughter,” he said.

When asked about such a revelation, answered Matthew McConaughey He proudly explained that his family had always been very reserved and cautious when accepting new members.

“We’ve always had these rites of passage. It is not easy to join the family McConaughey. We put them to the test, it happens even among us, with my brothers and my mother. “We’ll make you cry, but then we’ll make you your favorite drink,” he joked to Entertainment Tonight.