Camaguey Airport flight schedule in September Start of connections to

Camagüey Airport flight schedule in September: Start of connections to the Dominican Republic and Haiti Cuban Directory

Airport authorities at Ignacio Agramonte International Airport in Camaguey, central-eastern Cuba, reported this week on the flight schedule to and from that airport in September. What is new is that direct flights from the capital Camagüey to the Dominican Republic and also to Haiti will be resumed. We’ll tell you the details.

According to the information, the flight connections of the Aztec company Viva Aerobús will continue to Mexico and Nicaragua in September this year. Tuesday from Mérida and towards Nicaragua. Thursday from Cancún and towards Nicaragua. Saturdays to and from Cancun.

Flights to and from the USA will also be maintained. Commercial airline American Airlines continues its daily service to Camaguey from Miami International. While the charter flights have this usual schedule: Monday 2 flights, Wednesday 2 flights, arrival Miami-Camagüey, departure Camagüey-Fort Myers, return from Fort Myers-Camagüey and departure to Miami. Friday 3 flights from Miami. 1 flight on Saturday and another flight on Sunday.

Flight news from Camaguey airport in September

As we announced this month, authorities at the Camagüey terminal reported that direct connections to the Dominican Republic and Haiti are resuming, with a main focus on family and shopping tourism. Starting this month, Sunrise airline’s flight operations to and from Port-au-Prince (Haiti) will begin with a weekly frequency on Tuesday afternoons.

Also in September, an operation by the airline SKYHIGH with two (2) weekly flights, on Thursday and Sunday evenings, to and from Santo Domingo, the capital of Quisqueyan.

In addition, regional airline Fly All Ways will continue its flight operations in September, with a weekly frequency arriving from Paramaribo on Mondays and departing to Paramaribo (Suriname) on Tuesdays.

Finally, the authorities announce that the national Cuban airline will continue to offer local connections from Havana. For now, the airline Cubana de Aviación will continue to offer a weekly frequency on Saturday afternoons of the current month.