California Chinese New Year shooting 72 year old killer thought

California Chinese New Year shooting: 72 year old killer thought bad things were being said

Huu Can Tran killed ten people in two dance clubs. He was convinced that the teachers didn’t like him.

Chinese New Year 2023 will be remembered forever. A terrible shooting left 10 dead California while celebrations were in full swing at the site early in the evening on Saturday Monterey Parka town 11 km away los Angeles, where two out of every three residents are of Asian descent. The shooter, Huu Can TranHe committed suicide in a van after attacking two dance studios frequented by elderly people.

This Monday, the American media knows a little more about Huu Can Tran and tries to trace the various leads to his real motivations.

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From teacher to killer

First clue revealed by our colleagues at The New York Post, Huu Can Tran was once a regular at these dance clubs, which he attended almost every night, according to CNN information reported by the Post. He even gave “informal classes” there. This is how this former Chinese immigrant met his wife more than 20 years ago before divorcing in 2005.

But Huu Can Tran showed some hostility towards some people. In particular, he found that the instructors didn’t like him and said “bad things about him.”

A fog that the investigation should clear in the coming days.