By election Alexandre Fallu and Repensons Levis surprise in Christ Roi

By-election: Alexandre Fallu and Repensons Lévis surprise in Christ-Roi

Repensons Lévis candidate Alexandre Fallu caused a surprise on Sunday night by winning Christ-Roy by a margin of 11 votes over Pascal Brulotte of Lévis Force 10, the party of Mayor Gilles Lehouillier.

The by-election will finally have everyone in suspense, while the winner had just six votes ahead of his nearest challenger and only a box to count. The 1,556 electors who came to vote opted to trust urban planning specialist Repensons Lévis rather than bolster Mayor Lehouillier’s party base with a 15th of 16 elected.

“It’s incredible, words fail me,” explains Mr. Fallu, who can be reached by phone. I’m so proud of my team and what we’ve accomplished, we really gave our all during the campaign. »

In his opinion, it was his party’s continued presence on the ground that made the difference. “We made our arguments door to door. It was important to us that there was competent opposition to the mayor’s team and that seems to have reached many voters. »

City Park

Citizens will also have sent a strong message regarding the project to extend Boulevard Étienne-Dallaire in Lévis Force 10. The work should help to reduce traffic jams in the residential streets of neighboring parts of the city. Instead, the citizens chose to support the project proposed by Repensons Lévis to create an urban park, the city’s “central park”.

In addition, Mayor Lehouillier said the election would not change the original plan. He argues that too few voters have done their duty as citizens to see any real trend in this by-election. “It is clear to us that we are making progress. The commitment was made during the general election. »

One thing is for sure, the mayor and his team will find Alexandre Fallu on their way through the file. “During the campaign, we felt that support for the boulevard extension was quite mixed. I even think that played a big role in the outcome of the vote. »

Starving turnout

Only 16% of 9,300 possible voters went to the polls. The lack of enthusiasm for a part played in the winter partly explains his team’s defeat, according to Gilles Lehouillier. He also doubted the possibility of requesting a recount given the very small discrepancy, arguing that the team would “assess the situation”.

“The low participation rate means it can play on one side or the other. […] We already had 14 [sièges de conseillers] out of 15. People said to themselves: “There is no need to vote, Mr. Lehouillier is very strong”. It was more difficult for us to get the tuning out. »

For his part, Pascal Brulotte is confident that he will certainly be back at the next general elections. “I went to school for 30 days,” he says. It increased my desire to be involved in local politics. I want to contribute to the growth of the city of Lévis, which I have tattooed on my heart. »

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