By complying with the Vegan Treaty, this city could become the first vegan city in Europe

By complying with the Vegan Treaty, this city could become the first vegan city in Europe

For the first time, a European city has signed the “Vegan Treaty”, which aims to follow 38 recommendations to move towards a “vegan” city.

Everyone is talking about the town of Haywards Heath in Great Britain. It is the first European city to sign the “Vegan Treaty”, a set of recommendations aimed at “putting an end to the widespread degradation of critical ecosystems caused by animal husbandry”, as explained on the latter’s website. . The purpose of this contract is to reduce the carbon footprint and act for the climate by following certain recommendations of the latter.

Several recommendations

As the Huffington Post explains, citing The Independent, the signing of this agreement will trigger certain actions, and at Haywards Heath, for example, the first is the establishment of rewards for schools and businesses that promote vegan diets. “The first step on a long road,” says a local councilor who supports the contract.

The recommendations of the treaty include, for example, the following requirements:

  • No construction of new breeding farms
  • No construction of new slaughterhouses
  • The aim is to reduce the consumption of food of animal origin through education in schools
  • Restore the main degraded ecosystems essential to carbon sequestration cycles: mangroves, bogs, forests, certain types of grasslands.

According to The Independent, the city’s sticking to that treaty has inevitably not only made people happy, some say they’re unwilling to give up meat consumption. While this contract represents more of the city’s commitment to climate protection, one Haywards Heath resident believes there are “much better ways to tackle climate change – there’s the amount of travel people are taking.” And replace gas and oil with renewable energy.”

If this city of 34,000 is the first in Europe to join this treaty, 17 others have agreed to it. Of these, 14 are in India. Also noteworthy is the accession of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires since August 9th.