But how wonderful the Beseno Castle illuminated by Brian Eno, here are the photos    the Adige

But how wonderful the Beseno Castle illuminated by Brian Eno, here are the photos the Adige

BESENELLO. “I’m English, but unlike many of my compatriots, I feel European and I prefer to define myself as European than as non-English. As a boy in England I heard jokes about Italians, about the chaos of the country and politics; When I arrived in Italy I saw Trento, a city that works and works and a lot of happy people, so I think maybe we were wrong.

With these words the English artist Brian Eno inaugurated yesterday in Trento Three installations for Buonconsiglio and 77 million paintings for Besenothe site-specific multimedia installations created in the historic rooms of the Buonconsiglio Castle and the Castle of Beseno as part of the “Brian Eno x Trentino” project.

The Buonconsiglio is a Somnora work: in the garden of the castle there are large terracotta amphorae from which the music sounds. In Beseno, however, the show is for the eyes.

The unpublished project “Brian Eno x Trentino”, strongly supported by the Province, is organized by the Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara, in collaboration with the Castello del Buonconsiglio and Trentino Marketing and the production of Alessandro Albertini and Giuseppe Putignani, will animate the two castles until November.

“Contrary to what usually happens, here I have been working a lot on places and spaces, from a small studio in the Castello del Buonconsiglio, thinking about what interests me to investigate, namely the relationship between music and space, and about it , how music can “create a place”. Here I experimented with a new method for the first time: the long song, i.e. the encounter of ambient music and voice. I definitely want to come back to Trentino as a tourist and enjoy those wonderful landscapes that I was able to admire by train», says Brian Eno.

And last night, in the dark, the long-awaited moment when the lights were switched on: Beseno Castle, which is already an atmospheric “backdrop” for travelers in the Adige Valley, appeared in a really fantastic new guise.

The photos, by PAOLO PEDROTTI @ladige

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