Businessmen’s conference: Dubé remains present despite emergency crisis

Businessmen’s conference: Dubé remains present despite emergency crisis

Despite the crisis that is rocking the emergency departments these days, Health Minister Christian Dubé will hold a conference for business people gathered in the charming setting of the Hôtel Le Germain in Charlevoix.

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Mr. Dubé will chair the Partners’ Summit taking place January 19-21. “Mr. Dubé will simply come and talk about leadership in times of crisis,” explains a preview of the program published on the hotel’s website.

Little information is available online about this ‘networking’ event, which will be held in its fourth edition. A former attendee likens these meetings to TED talks, or mini-conferences for business people. He too has fond memories of his participation.

In addition to the lectures, participants can experience “extraordinary gourmet experiences” and participate in sporting, artistic or culinary learning activities.

“Get a breath of fresh air on our ice rink and around our campfire under the stars. And don’t miss the thermal experience of the Spa Nordique Le Germain,” says the programme.

Fast pass

Minister Dubé’s office assures that his presence is part of a very busy schedule aimed at “maximizing his time on the ground to meet as many people as possible and share his vision of the health plan”. “All this, also to follow very closely what is happening in the emergency room with the teams dedicated to the current situation,” writes his spokesman.

The minister will be present for “a few hours” on Friday morning.

The trip to Charlevoix will also be an opportunity for “surprise visits to health facilities such as emergencies”. “In this case he will not only have his finger on the pulse, but will also take the opportunity to present a conference, as he does on several other occasions, whether in front of health partners or other organizations. It is important to have a balance between what is urgent and what is important if we are to manage crises and transform our healthcare network,” continues his spokesman.

The event set in Quebec does not represent the “tenth” of the minister’s day, who can continue his meetings on the go.

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