Businesses can benefit more with 4day workweeks, study says

Businesses can benefit more with 4day workweeks, study says

Following the Covid19 pandemic, the traditional working model has undergone several changes, the loo is increasingly being overhauled as companies seek to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Among the tested proposals is the work week with four working days.

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With her, the employee of companies work 32 hours a week instead of the currently established 40. The aim of the study was to examine what consequences a shorter working week would have for companies and also for employees. The good news is that the practical test at the end confirmed that the week with only four working days increases everyone’s productivity and satisfaction.

The test was conducted by 4day week worldwide, a platform that helps companies master this change and funds research into the future working model. The study was conducted in collaboration with researchers from Harvard Business School, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Oxford.

Smaller weeks resulted in an increase in corporate earnings

33 companies in six countries took part in the test. In addition to improved employee productivity, they also reported an increase in sales and an improvement in employee health and wellbeing.

in relation to invoice, the data will be of interest to managers considering applying the same measure. The fact that an employee was laid off increased the companies’ revenues by 8.14%, which also matched the growth of some participating organizations by almost 40% in the same half year last year.

In addition, there have not been any major reports on the downsides of the new model either.

Of the 27 companies that responded to the final survey, none intend to return to the fiveday workweek. In addition, almost all of the 495 employees involved want to keep the week shorter, including those in higher positions such as managers and CEOs.

This measure also produces positive effects in other areas

In terms of the environment, the fourday week allows employees to spend an hour less on the road. The environmental sociologist responsible for the research at University College Dublin, Orla Kelly, said the shorter work week is also influencing people to make more conscious choices about the environment.


In addition to the environmental aspect, the measure also had a positive effect on the gender issue. In general, women are more affected by the double shift with tasks at work and in the household. By having one more day off in their week, they were able to rest more and engage in other activities that directly affect the market, such as trading. B. the start of new activities.

Finally, the sociologist says that the shorter week also enables women to stay in work fulltime. This is because they have more time, which avoids the negative impact on their careers of a possible layoff, to devote to other tasks.