Bus goes off the road in Norway: some Italian tourists are serious

Foreign editors February 18, 2023

A bus with 38 people went off the road in the Norwegian Lofoten Islands. The incident happened on the morning of February 18. The bus had several Italian tourists as passengers.

According to initial findings, the driver of a Lithuanian company’s vehicle lost control on a side road in the municipality of Vestvågøy for reasons that are still unclear. He was on his way to Hauklandstranda. According to the authorities, at the time of the accident the weather conditions were very difficult, with heavy snowfall and ice on the asphalt. After going off the road, the bus rolled over several times and landed on its side.

“I faced death”

Several ambulances arrived at the scene immediately and an air ambulance was dispatched from Tromsø. The number of injured is still unclear. Nobody would be in danger of death, even if some passengers are in serious condition. “I’ve faced death,” said a person on board, reached by Today.it. He is now in the hospital with multiple broken ribs and lacerations and bruises. Some police patrols came from the towns of Leknes and Svolvær to investigate the causes of the accident.

The Lofoten are an archipelago in northwestern Norway between Nordland and Troms. It is a popular tourist destination both in winter for the Northern Lights and in summer for the astronomical phenomenon known as the “Midnight Sun”.