Burkina Faso: Transition leader Ibrahim Traoré speaks at Joseph Ki Zerbo University

Burkina Faso: Transition leader Ibrahim Traoré speaks at Joseph Ki Zerbo University

Published on: 01/18/2023 – 05:25

The leader of the transition, Ibrahim Traoré, met the teachers and students there separately. The focus of the exchange was on securing universities, improving study conditions, the issue of volunteers to defend the fatherland and the reopening of institutions that had been closed due to terrorism.

In front of the students, Captain Ibrahim Traoré urged the young people to separate themselves from all those who, after recruiting thousands of volunteers for the defense of the fatherland, falter at the risks of an ethnic or religious war.

“If they think we’re going to win this fight, the ethnic question will come up. Don’t get involved in this game of violence. Others surf on the subject of revisions [historiques, NDLR]. You have to get away from that. »

In their interventions, the students focused mainly on securing university facilities and resuming classes in Dori and Ouahigouya, closed after the threat of armed terrorist groups: “What mechanisms can the current education system better adapt to our reality? ‘, ‘How do you intend to ensure the reconstruction of these areas once the liberation takes effect? », « Can we trust that our leadership can hope for the withdrawal of the French army and French institutions? »

When asked whether the army and other French institutions will leave Burkina Faso, Captain Ibrahim Traoré announced the revision of certain agreements.

“Perhaps in the coming hours some amount of information tending to review our relations with certain states. Because we have to revise a lot of texts. We want to be sovereign and, as I said, I don’t want violence. »

The transition president promises that the first VDPs will soon be driven to the ground to strengthen the ranks of combatants within the framework of the security of Burkinabe territory.