Bullshit wig between Cezar and Tina can cost up to

Bullshit wig between Cezar and Tina can cost up to R$97,000; see prices splash

The “wig bullshit” caused a lot of conversation inside and outside the BBB 23 (Globo) house. It all started when Cezar wanted to dress up for the carnival party and borrowed a “wig” from model Tina.

She denied it and complained to the brothers that Cezar didn’t understand the meaning of the hair as it wasn’t a fantasy. Tina added that she doesn’t even lend her daughters her stuff.

Tina made the right choice for stylist and highend designer Sydney Salles, who works with celebrities such as Glória Groove and Pabllo Vittar.

  • Salles says he wouldn’t lend Cezar the piece either: “A lace is expensive, every detail can tear and ruin it.
  • The designer produces bespoke luxury laces for celebrities ranging in price from R$16,000 (long bob) to R$97,000 (extra long);
  • The value varies with, among other things, the composition of the lace (Salles only works with human thread), the colour, the length and other factors.

He adds that the hyperrealistic wigs, often made from strands of human hair, define the identity of those who wear them: “It’s a very exclusive accessory and very much yours, so you can’t borrow it. synthetic [com cabelos falsos]”.

BBB wig. Taking to Instagram, the Angolan model shows off a curly top that Renato Lucas, who is part of the Salles team, believes is made from natural yarn. “If that’s the case, it may cost at least R$2,000, R$4,000, probably more,” he speculates.

Fantasy. For those like Cezar who only want to wear their hair to parties or games, there are easier and cheaper options. Some popular synthetic thread wigs have already begun to simulate the “scalp” effect characteristic of lace. A simple wig costs around R$200.

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