Bulgaria agrees to send military aid to Ukraine Europe

Bulgaria agrees to send military aid to Ukraine | Europe up to date |

The Bulgarian parliament today (03/11/2022) agreed to join the countries sending military aid to Ukraine to defend against Russian aggression, an issue that has already caused divisions in the previous ruling coalition and also on education could prevent a new executive.

The motion supports these shipments as part of “the international community’s efforts to assist victims of aggression” and makes it a condition that they do not weaken the country’s military capabilities.

A total of 175 MPs from pro-European parties and a small pro-Russian formation supported the motion, which was defeated by the Bulgarian Socialist Party and the ultra-nationalist Vazrazhdane party with 49 seats and one abstention.

The document stipulates that the government will submit a specific proposal to parliament within a month about what kind of weapons will be made available to Ukraine, and at the same time they will negotiate with the EU and NATO, of which Bulgaria is a member, about their replacement becomes old Soviet equipment for modern systems.