1667456133 BTS RM Talks Quitting Music Leaves Fans Scared

BTS’ RM Talks Quitting Music Leaves Fans Scared

RM from bts is afraid to stop the music. Here are the details.

Recently the artist bts was in an interviewmusicians about musicians” from boulder, where was he with the singer Pharrell WilliamsIt was noticeable how comfortable the two artists felt when exchanging words.

MR He asked Pharrell several questions about the process and experience as a musician, giving the Korean an experienced perspective.

In the middle of the interview, Pharrell commented that he lost the desire to continue in music when he released the 2006 album “In my thoughts» and did not deliver the expected results.

BTS RM Talks Quitting Music Leaves Fans Scared

He also mentioned that he no longer focused on his ego when creating his music, his intention for his future was clear: he wanted his music to be as good as possible.

Pharrell he asked MR about his process and taste in music since the beginning, to which he replied that he wasn’t sure yet and that he was about to find out, at that moment he revealed his fear of losing his passion for music.

Sometimes when I grow up and I’m between my two chapters, like I said before, between the group and being solo, maybe I’m also between music and visual arts. So sometimes I’m really scared because what happens when I stop liking music?

The member of bts, He let on his fear at the thought that one day music would no longer be his main priority, but Pharrell tried to calm his fear with his reply:

Pharrell: Yes, this is temporary.

RM: Really, I feel calmer.

Pharrell: Yeah, out of the blue you say, “Wow, that’s all I want to think about,” and it’s going to happen.

The conversation caught the attention of netizens, who believe the certainty with which Pharrell said those words R.M. it is everything the artist needs for his career in these times.

Pharrell ended the topic of conversation and said to him:

Did you know? I would just say keep it up. Still curious. And don’t pressure what you’re going to say. Don’t think things like “Oh, I’ll never make music again” or “I never will”. I wouldn’t do any of that. Just stay with me on the journey. Just go on.”

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