Bryan Reyna bluntly replies to his critics A Peruvians enemy

Bryan Reyna bluntly replies to his critics: “A Peruvian’s enemy is another Peruvian”

In the Peru team’s international match against El Salvador on North American soil, in the second game of the Juan Reynoso era, Cantolao Academy footballer Bryan Reyna was the big figure. The unbalanced player never tired of facing the Central American defense and won a prize in the closing minutes.

The 24-year-old attacker made his big debut in the Two ToneHe started as a starter and did not collide. At 81′ of the game, Reyna He got involved in a spectacular one-on-one game where he ordered an opposing defender to ‘buy bread’ and defined in front of the keeper with great quality to seal the Peruvian 4-1 victory.

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In an interview for the sports program “Teledeportes”, Bryan He commented on what his debut with the team meant for everyone. “I’m happy about the debut and the goal. That’s what I worked for. It’s a selection where every player matters a lot. I like to compete against my rivals. They told me it would start on Monday (a day before the duel) and I was ready,” he began.

About the great goal he scored, the attacker commented that he wasn’t feeling well before converting. “I had cramps minutes ago and I saw that the rival was coming so I could threaten him.”

On the other hand, the Cantolao footballer responded to his critics. “Keep supporting the people. Don’t throw away bad things, a Peruvian’s enemy is another Peruvian. Maybe I’ve had a problem before, but I’ve already solved it. People who don’t know me judge me. I’ll continue to work on staying in bicolor,” he said.

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