Bruno is supported and pins BBB23 sister: “You were x9” Splash

Bruno is in the fourth paredão of BBB 23 (Globo) alongside Amanda, Paula and MC Guimê. As usual, those who are walled in report excerpts about their career in the confessional. The brother, in turn, became agitated and burst into tears, supported by his peers.

“There was a lot of rot on the other side, folks,” he cried.

As soon as Paula got closer, he took her hands and started screaming: “I will not judge you, you made a mistake, it was x9, but you followed your heart. You can’t be x9, damn*”

Paula, seeing her brother’s condition, did not answer.

With Ricardo’s help, Paula took Bruno with her to the shower: “Cachaça and fear suck,” she analyzed. In the box, Ricardo warned that he drank a lot without having eaten anything.

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