Bruno Gouveia removes eye tumor: ‘The problem was right in front of me’

Bruno Gouveia removes eye tumor: ‘The problem was right in front of me’

After an eye operation, Bruno Gouveia, 54, celebrated his return to the band Biquíni Cavadão. The singer removed a malignant tumor from his right eye and felt compelled to disclose his case to encourage regular investigations.

“I felt responsible for using my case as an example so that more people would have that awareness. It happened in this peaceful way because the problem was right in front of me, in my face,” commented the famous on his social networks.

He then emphasized how important it is to recognize changes in the body and advocated preventive medical checkups. “If we are more vigilant, conduct regular investigations, we can avoid major disruptions. We shouldn’t postpone checkups if we want to live longer and with a better quality of life,” he stressed.

At first Bruno Gouveia thought he had a pimple in his eye. The musician said that after a few days he mistook the pimple for a wart and went to a specialist for help.

Now the artist has removed the eye tumor and says the surgery was a success, leaving only a discreet scar on the eyelid. In conclusion, he remarked that he did not need to undergo any treatment. “This malignant tumor, once removed, requires no further treatment. I have scheduled visits to follow the leaflet but my surgeon considers the issue resolved,” he concluded.