Bruno de Luca is banned from visiting Kayky Britos family

Bruno de Luca is banned from visiting Kayky Brito’s family Portal iG

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The actor is waiting for permission from his family to visit his friend


After his release from the hospital, actor Kayky Brito’s life was a bit turbulent. In addition to the first possible steps of his divorce from Tamara Dalcanale, the artist has not yet received a visit from Bruno de Luca, with whom he was with on the day of the accident. And apparently it wasn’t because I lacked trying.

Bruno was accused of abandoning Kayky after the tragedy and disappearing without looking for news about his friend, which provoked numerous criticisms.

According to the LeoDias portal, friends of the actor said that he was waiting for a response from Kayky Brito’s family to hold the meeting and get closer to his partner. But so far, according to the website, he has not been allowed to see his friend, who is in recovery.

Accident with Kayky Brito

The artist was hospitalized on September 2 after being run over on Avenida Lúcio Costa in Barra da Tijuca, Rio. After the accident, he was taken to the Miguel Couto Municipal Hospital, where he was diagnosed with multiple body trauma and head trauma.

In serious condition, he was transferred to Copa D’Or private hospital, where he underwent surgery to treat body fractures and remained hospitalized for 27 days. Last Friday (29) Kayky was released and was able to return to his homeland.

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