Bruno Barbieri a very rare photo of him as a

Bruno Barbieri, a very rare photo of him as a boy appears: angelic face and complete absence of beard iFood

Bruno Barbieri young photo - ifood Bruno Barbieri – ifood

Who doesn’t know Bruno Barbieri today, the star of MasterChef? But few have seen him without a beard. The photo of youth the most elegant chef on television.

Bruno Barbieri he’s the TV chef known for his elegance; Star of Master chef where he has been supporting judges and colleagues for years Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatellihis look does not go unnoticed.

Famous for his hatred of “Mappazzoni” in the kitchen, for him attention to detail is everything. And we also see it in the show that he hosts alone: 4 hotels.

But cooking is his world and he is happy to show it on television, he said Morning press: “Television shows have strengthened the role of the chef, it has become an important profession and we have managed to give meaning to people who no longer just go to restaurants to fill their stomachs have an experience. Behind food lies a history and the culture of a people and a nation. The job of the good chef is to tell all this.”

And he can tell it well. After all, he did a lot of work; With 7 Michelin stars and a career spanning over 40 years, he admitted Vanity Fair: “I locked myself in the kitchen and threw away the key: I worked hard and always in silence, because important things get done through silence. Then, at 50, I realized there was a world out there beyond the pans. And I became passionate about fashion, motorcycles and travel. So much so that now I don’t know whether I’m a stylist, mechanic or chef.

Bruno Barbieri: the photo of his youth

meat sauce, Bruno Barbieri As a boy he lived in Spain, where his father moved for work. But his passion was initially for fashion, and we can still see that today in his sophisticated look and then cooking. A passion that pits him against his father, who dreams of nothing more than shirts and ovens for his son. So much so that the two didn’t speak to each other for a long time.

The chef’s life began at a young age on cruise ships. And before that, it was his grandmother who led him into the kitchen, with a father who was absent because he was far away and a mother who worked as a seamstress. This grandmother who taught him everything, so much so that, as he says, he was already able to prepare a complete meal at the age of ten.

Bruno Barbieri young photo - ifoodA very young Bruno Barbieri -ifood (web photo)

I’ve never seen the chef like that before

As mentioned, a life truly sacrificed to cooking. In the interview quoted above, he expressed himself with a hint of regret: “With this job, it is not easy to start a family: you have to spend time with your wife every now and then in the evenings, and on Sundays you have to take time for your child to go to mass or to play football. In fact, for those who have tried it, it hasn’t always gone well. But somehow I miss a child. I still have time for it, otherwise I might adopt it.

Bruno Barbieri In fact, he is not married and little is known about his personal life. But a while ago he shared some shots of his youth in which he is truly unrecognizable. A photo in which he appears very young, beardless, but already with clear ideas.

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