Bruna Marquezine responds to Michelle Bolsonaros criticism Extremely

Bruna Marquezine responds to Michelle Bolsonaro’s criticism: “Extremely sexist”

Bruna Marquezinewho has a declared voice Octopus (EN) for the President, used Instagram last Saturday night the 1st to counter the recent comment Michelle Bolsonarowife of Jair Bolsonaro (pl) about her looks. In a publication on the social network last Monday, the 26th, the current first lady criticized the actress, calling her “ugly and vulgar” after the artist criticized her husband.

Then, on the eve of the election, Bruna revisited the issue and shared Michelle’s comment. “The woman of God, who tries by all means to convince other women that she, her husband and his government are not extremely sexist, has criticized my behavior in the comments of a page here on Instagram and has publicly insulted me for no reason,” said the actress .

Bruna Marquezine declared her vote for Lula (PT) for PresidentBruna Marquezine declared her vote for Lula (PT) for President Photo: Instagram/@brunamarquezine

The artist also shared a series of messages about allegations of corruption are Bolsonaro familyto make new criticism of the current government.

Finally, Bruna declared, “My dream as a princess is to have a President and First Lady who will not offend or disrespect the citizens. Is that too much?”