Bruna Griphao revolts with Cristian at BBB 23 Youre a

Bruna Griphao revolts with Cristian at BBB 23: “You’re a psychopath”

The farmer says that when speaking to Cristian about voting, the brother said he would not go to Fred Nicácio. “He looked him in the eye and said he wasn’t going to vote for Fredão, but for Amanda. [votando] at Fredão, and he was afraid not to state the number of votes,” says Gustavo.

Bruna, who also voted for Nicácio, explains that her discomfort with the doctor is different from her problems with Cristian. After learning about a conversation Paula had with Sarah Aline about Cristian’s approach to her, the actress says she believes her brother has been used.

Moments later, Bruna enters the Fundo do Mar room and says the same thing directly to Cristian. “You’re a psychopath, don’t ever talk to me again. You’re disgusting, you’re a psychopath.”