Bruna Biancardi returns to Paris after speaking out about Saudi

Bruna Biancardi returns to Paris after speaking out about Saudi Arabia. Understand!

Bruna Biancardi has been living in Saudi Arabia for almost a month. The influencer moved to AlHilal, one of the biggest clubs in the country, after Neymar’s transfer. Despite the short time, Bruna has already fled to her old address.

This Friday (01) Bruna Biancardi revealed that she traveled to Paris. The influencer did not explain the reason for the trip, but shared on social media that she had lunch with her friend Carol Cabrino, the wife of player Marquinhos from PSG, Neymar’s former club.

“So many goodbyes, look who’s here again. Unexpected but delicious meeting,” said Bruna Biancardi as she showed the meeting with Carol. The influencer’s speech refers to a trip to Arabia. During the trip, she had to organize Mavie’s baby gear at the last minute and say a quick goodbye to her friends.

Bruna Biancardi reveals the disadvantages of living in Saudi Arabia

Recently, Bruna Biancardi shared a feature of Saudi Arabia that she doesn’t like. After the influencer has lived in the country for a short time, she gets to know some local peculiarities and says something that she doesn’t like.

As the influencer showed on Instagram, her biggest problem is local mobility. Bruna lives in Riyadh and explained that there is always traffic in the city.

“It doesn’t matter what time it is, there’s usually traffic here,” Bruna wrote in a story showing the street.