Bruna and Larissa are the first leaders of ‘BBB23’

Bruna and Larissa are the first leaders of ‘BBB23’

Bruna and Larissa won the first Leader’s Test

January 19, 2023 11:50 p.m

(updated on 01/20/2023 at 00:03)

Larissa and Bruna Griphao

Larissa and Bruna Griphao

Photo: Reproduction TV Globo / Flipar

Thursday is the day when the new leader of Big Brother Brasil will be elected. In the first race of the ‘BBB23’, held this Thursday 19th, the duo Bruna and Larissa was the winner, taking the first lead of the edition.

With the exception of MC Guimê and Tina, who were eliminated in the immunity test for pressing the button before the right moment, and Cristian and Marvvila for the same mistake, all took part in the dispute.

The Leader’s Test was conducted by Levíssimo Seara. In the dynamic of the test, the couple should alternately place themselves on the pizza and balance themselves, the eight attributes of Levíssimo represented by a ball. The duo had to compulsorily walk up and down a ladder on the pizza. If the player fell off the pizza, the pair would be eliminated. Who finished eating the pizza first was classified.

First place:

• Key and Gustavo, in the first round;

• Bruna and Larissa, in the second round;

• Gabriel and Paula, in the third round.

In the second and last, one of the contestants had to take six balloons however they wanted and hand them to his partner on the other side, who had to attach them to the sandwich. The first to press the button became the leader. Bruna and Larissa won by 14 milliseconds.

After the inauguration of the duo’s leadership, they chose who the VIP bracelets would go to. The couples were:

• Fred and Ricardo;

• MC Guime and Tina;

• Shoe Face and Amanda.

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