Bruce Willis accepts Deep Fake Will we see him in

Bruce Willis accepts Deep Fake: Will we see him in top form in future movies? Hardware upgrade

Bruce Willis has sold the rights to use his digital counterpart in commercial video production. That means we’ll be able to see his digital double in commercials and maybe even movies, even though he won’t actually be acting. Willis also appeared in a Russian commercial shot using the well-known technique “deep fake”.

Bruce Willis in top form thanks to deepfake: The actor signs with Deepcake

The actor suffers from aphasia, a language disorder that causes him to be unable to express himself in words. In early 2022, the actor announced that he was retiring from acting, but according to the Telegraph, he will license the right to use his digital counterpart through a company called Deepcake, based in Tbilisi, Georgia, which is also a US registered company is USA based in Delaware.

Bruce Willis in top form thanks to deepfake: The actor signs with Deepcake

Company may reproduce the likeness of Bruce Willis by a trained neural network-based deep learning model with its appearances in 1990s action movies. By learning their appearance and recognizable facial expression, the model can apply their resemblance to another actor with a similar physique and perform a process commonly known as deep fake.

The company’s website states that Deepcake’s goal is to revolutionize the casting process in films and commercials by lowering the price. But you pay the endorsement with the celebrity agent and a fee for operating the technology another actor will physically perform the acting. This allows for seemingly identical work “without travel expenses, expensive filming days, insurance and other associated costs”.

The Telegraph says Willis is “the first Hollywood star to have sold his rights to allow the creation of a ‘digital twin’ of him for on-screen use,” but it’s likely that as the movie continues to improve, such deals will come to an end Deepfakes are becoming increasingly common in the film industry. In 2021, as mentioned before, Willis appeared in a Russian commercial for MegaFon and commented on his appearance as follows:

“I liked the precision of my character. A great opportunity for me to go back in time. The neural network was trained on the content of Die Hard and Fifth Element, so my character resembles the pictures from back then.

With the advent of modern technology, I was able to communicate, work, and participate in filming even when I was on a different continent. a completely new and interesting experience for me and I am grateful to our team.”

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