Britney Spears, the ex  husband attacks: “The children haven’t wanted to see her for months, I apologized for the nude photos”

Britney Spears, the ex husband attacks: “The children haven’t wanted to see her for months, I apologized for the nude photos”

THE sons out Britney Spears they would not want to see them and would even be ashamed of them. Sean Preston and Jayden James, now 16 and 15 respectively, are the pop star’s children with her ex-husband. Kevin Federline. The rapper has released numerous statements about the two boys’ choices to their mother that they would not see for months: “They haven’t seen their mother for several months and it is their choice. The guys have decided not to see her now. It’s been a few months since they last saw her. They made the decision not to go to their wedding. They were happy for her, but preferred not to be there, ”explained the former dancer.

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Federline also spoke about the nude pictures his ex-wife often posts on his Instagram profile and how these teenage children can make them uncomfortable: “I had to apologize to my children for the consequences that certain shots could have on their lives. .I’m trying to explain to them, ‘Look, maybe this is just another way your mother is trying to express herself.’ “But that doesn’t change the fact that she keeps posting these pictures. It’s hard. I can’t imagine what it feels like to be a teenager who has to go to high school after all of this.”

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Federline’s words didn’t fall on deaf ears, and Britney Spears and her husband Sam Asghari responded quickly. The ‘Baby One More Time’ singer wrote via Instagram: “It saddens me to know that my ex-husband has decided to publicly discuss the relationship between me and my children. As we all know, raising teenagers is not easy for anyone. It worries me that the reason for everything is based on my Instagram, actually it all started way before Instagram. I gave everything I had to my two children. Just one word: painful ».

Husband Sam Asghari’s words on hot photos

Sam Asghari was also attracted and posted the response to Federline in the stories of his Instagram profile: “To be clear, my wife has never posted a photo without clothes where you could see everything. The pictures he hangs show nothing other than what is seen today in an advertisement for a shower gel or body cream. Kevin’s statements about the distances taken by the boys are not valid and it is irresponsible of him to make them public. The boys are very intelligent and will soon be 18 years old and free to make their decisions, maybe they understand that the “difficult” part of their life is having a father who never acted as a role model for all the last 15 years . My wife will soon stop being Kevin’s goose that lays golden eggs, and that probably explains the timing of his hurtful comments. I don’t know him personally and I have nothing against him except to blame my wife. He was also revealed as approving the cruel 13-year guardianship and his loyalty to Jamie is a sign of his support for the guardianship. Whoever approves of this is in the wrong or receives compensation in some way. I will no longer comment on this story, except to say that I have a job ».

Last updated: Monday 8 August 2022 08:19