Britney Spears: 5 perfect bikinis to show style on the beach

Britney Spears: 5 perfect bikinis to show style on the beach

Britney Spears It’s the big sensation on social networks because, having forgotten the guardianship that restricted every aspect of her personal and professional life, the singer can now freely boast. Of course, part of this new facet is shared via his official Instagram account, where he even broke safety regulations by posting perfect bikinis of the season and not to mention the nude or topless poses.

Now the singer is not only considered a benchmark of freedom and femininity, but has also returned to her throne as a fashion icon, not only because she wore the most luxurious and exclusive Versace wedding dress, but also for her daring looks, she set a trend. And when it comes to summer Britney Spears has made it clear that the figure from the shows Beach and with all sorts bikini designs Is the best option.

That’s why we remember yours Swimsuits of two pieces that are more iconic and perfect for the big ones seasonal trends among which stand out the barbiecore style, animal prints or colorful prints in yellow and other shades, each one is great and glamorous to conquer the long-awaited holidays.

Barbie style pink

If the celebrities have made one thing clear, it’s that Barbie’s style is trending this summer and can be worn in all sorts of looks bikini are turning heads, and proof of that is that Khloé Kardashian and Bella Poarch looked their best alongside other celebrities rose in most feminine and sophisticated.

sure, Britney Spears could not escape this trend and is now leading it, because one of his suggestions picks up on it fuchsia as the main color to wear a swimsuit. As for the cut, the “Toxic” singer has made it clear that the perfect option for this is to look for a “scoop”-neck top with ties that tie right in front of the body; while the panty is perfectly worn low-rise.

Dark glasses can add the final touch. (Photo: IG @britneyspears)

Of course, the fever to achieve this aesthetic has led the celebrity to show off other proposals, and a few weeks ago she lit the web with a two-piece swimsuit perfect for those who want to show off the beach but with one more subtle design and that it doesn’t steal everyone’s looks as if it happens with the lighting of the previous color.

For this, Britney Spears tooPosted for a top where fuchsia is present with small spots, but most of the garment features a faded tone reminiscent of the tie-dye effect that becomes popular every summer. In the lower part of the look, on the other hand, white briefs with ties to tie at the hips stand out.

This is the perfect bikini of the season. (Photo: IG @britneyspears)

animal print

Animal print designs have been the most popular since last winter; However, for the hot season, they have been renewed until they reach the perfect proposal, in which neutral colors such as brown, black and white are no longer included, since now they can be worn in all possible shades and is proof of that pop princess wore that kind of imprint on his Bikini.

The perfect example is this see in which they emphasize a pink and green, both in neon, to join the fever of the brightest colors of the season. And if that wasn’t enough Britney Spears captivated the nets and the beach with a plunging neckline perfect to show off a flat stomach and a triangle top with tie ties at the nape of the neck.

The singer always combines her bikinis with brown shoes or heels. (Photo: IG @britneyspears)

Bikinis with shell-like prints

Of course, the previous proposal is not the only one that stands out this summer, because those with “eggshell effect” are great for the season, since their asymmetrical black polka dots give a special touch to the garments, especially when worn with the brightest colors of the season, like this one here Light Blue.

The trick to making this trend unique lies in the Accesories like some glasses dark and jeweler that in the case of Britney Spears, It is a pendant necklace.

This is how it looks from the beach. (Photo: IG @britneyspears)

yellow bikinis

Finally, one of the colors that cannot be missing this season is yellow, which, in addition to being trendy, perfectly matches the energy of summer and is one of the most striking colors that attracts everyone’s attention; However, the singer wore a plaid print that is perfect for flaunting fashion and style.

Britney Spears turned updos into the perfect summer trend. (Photo: IG @britneyspears)


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