British woman found mummified in apartment after three and a

British woman found “mummified” in apartment after three and a half years

The body of a 38yearold British woman has been found at her home in Woking, Surrey, England, three and a half years after her death.

Laura Winham, 38, who suffered from schizophrenia and other serious illnesses, was found in a “mummified, almost skeletal state” by police and loved ones in May 2021.

She is believed to have died in November 2017, a few weeks after police officers visiting the apartment over a minor issue reported to social services their concerns about her apparent selfneglect, the lack of food in the apartment and her apparent lack of knowledge about access to local ones services.

Despite being told by police that Winham’s phone was not working, adult welfare teams attempted to call her. They later wrote to her with details of local food banks and contact details for aid organizations. The case was closed after two weeks without a welfare check.

Abandoned and left to die

The woman’s family claim she was “abandoned and left to die” by the NHS, the UK Public Health Service and other services, which have repeatedly missed opportunities to save her.

Winham’s sister Nicky said the family had not been able to keep in touch with Laura after years of suffering from schizophrenia believing they were hurting her, adding that she was “very disappointed” after all the caregivers ” cleaned their hands and forgotten them”. ”

“This did not happen and there has clearly been a major failure of Surrey County Council’s system and services in caring for a vulnerable person with physical and mental health impairments.”

A hearing on the death of Laura Winham is scheduled for next Monday (30).