British Empire Toxicity Alan Cummings returns his award

“British Empire Toxicity” | Alan Cummings returns his award

(London) British comedian Alan Cummings, who notably starred in the X-Men series, announced on Friday that he had returned the award he had been given in 2009, specifically condemning the “toxicity of the British Empire”. .

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This position of the actor brings a new brick in the construction of the broad reflection on the British Empire’s colonial past and its misdeeds, which extends into many areas.

In a post published on Instagram on Friday, he recalls being awarded the title of Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his work as an actor and for his fight for the rights of LGBT people in the United States, where he lives most of the time and where it took until 2015 for same-sex marriage to be legalized nationwide.

But “the death of Queen” Elizabeth II in September and “discussions about the role of the monarchy and in particular how the British Empire benefited from tribal peoples (and their deaths) around the world really opened my eyes,” wrote the comedian.

“Times and laws have changed in the United States,” and the benefits his award “brought to the LGBTQ+ cause in 2009” are now “less powerful than my fears of being associated with empire toxicity.” ‘ he emphasizes.

He boasts that he has returned his award, explained his reasons and reiterated his “great gratitude” for receiving it, while wishing himself a happy 58th birthday.

Late last year, Welsh actor Michael Sheen returned the same award, protesting the bestowal of the title of Prince of Wales on the heir to the British crown, in this case Prince William, since the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1969, Beatles member John Lennon presented his award as Member of the Order of the British Empire in protest at British involvement in the Nigerian Civil War and their support of Americans in the Vietnam War.