British ambulance workers announce new strikes

British ambulance workers announce new strikes

London, 20 January (Prensa Latina) The UK union today announced it would hold 10 more strikes in the coming weeks and threatened additional protests unless a solution is found.

The warning of fresh work stoppages came ahead of the final day of the industrial action, when union ambulances are due to leave next Monday.

Rather than protect the NHS (National Health Service) and negotiate an end to the dispute, the government has shamefully chosen to demonize ambulance workers, union secretary Sharon Graham has said.

They say ministers are deliberately misleading the public about life insurance and who is responsible for the excess deaths.

On the other hand, Unite national director Onay Kasab assured that resolving the current discord is in the government’s hands.

This disagreement will only be resolved if he enters into proper negotiations on the current wage dispute, he stressed.

Ambulance workers will join the ranks of their fellow paramedics at the GMB, a general union that has announced more than 10,000 of its members in England and Wales will also go on strike on the same dates.

Similarly, on February 6, ambulance staff will go on strike, joining thousands of nurses taking part in what may be the biggest redundancy in NHS history.

Earlier this week teachers, machinists and nurses also announced new strikes for February and March.

Experts say the latest strikes in the UK have been fueled by skyrocketing inflation and a deteriorating economy amid a bitter cost-of-living crisis.